Thursday, 14 April 2011

Current project - Sketchbook pages

These sketchbook designs are aimed towards my casual menswear collection.

out and about

Whilst I've been out and about lately, local architecture has become my focal point of inspiration. I am inspired by the perspective and angle in all these photos and the structure, form and shape of each building give an extra element.
 Building in construction

Angular buildings 

Interesting geometric wall

Traffic light

Different perspective 

Arial view of a rustic cylinder

Street Style

Style on the streets - Bold acid bights and a fusion of native prints

Vintage rugged mix

Modern twist on a classic preppy look

Vintage jacquard knit fused with a acid- bright palette

classic vintage knit in sombre tones

Scarve designs

These scarve designs follow the theme of faux real, I have explored dimension and geometric shape to create what i call evolving worlds, taking inspiration from natural and structural forms which are depicted in a abstract style.
I have a strong interest in shape and fusing it together with hand drawn imagery is were i find the balance. Colour is the key component as it draws together the overall feel of the theme, monochrome injected with pastel blues, turquoise, purples and navies. 
Although the final collection is aimed towards a male audience, I feel they appeal to both genders.

PSYCHEDELIC CITY/ colour palette: duck egg blue, grey tones, crimson 
SPUTNIK/ colour palette: monochrome, muted mint green, combination of orange tones, combination of blue tones
OVERLOADED/ colour palette: sky blue, grey tones, blue tones

COLLISION/ colour palette: dusky plum 

LIVING ON THE EDGE/ colour palette: duck egg blue, grey tones, midnight blue


Holly Fulton

Holly Fulton a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art and The Royal College of Art, launched her own collection in A/W 2009. The combination of hand drawn, graphically styled prints layered with super bold embellishment create a really strong signature look. These are often layered up with super scale accessories to create a look that is dazzling.
Holly Fulton is inspired by the Art Deco architecture of New York. Simple sharp silhouettes create the perfect canvas for deeply detailed, architecturally inspired pattern and embellishment.
This quote from Fulton’s website sums her look up perfectly: “My current signature style contains lots of geometric pattern lavished onto simply cut garments; big, luxurious, simple shapes with bold jewellery; bejewelled crystallised dresses and an eclectic mix of modern materials with a high end finish.”

Autumn/ Winter 2011

Spring/ Summer 2011

Although this is womens fashion I love the bold, graphic style and find her work inspirational.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Wallpaper panel created by moi.

on the street

Print and graphics in fashion are HUGE! Anything goes. Each photograph below bring an element im interested in using throughout my designs.

Gruesome and gory illustrative style
Type on tees - Hand-created creepy typefaces

Hypercolour tripped-out tees - Photo manipulation

rban nomad fuses hippy with an edgy streetwear look. It has a well-travelled feel with tribal prints and supernatural references found in accessories and symbols.
Fashion illustrations of intended final outcome of designs for menswear, Linking to the designs below.

my designs

Over the past weeks I have showed you several artists, designers and artworks that inspire me. From this I feel I should give an insight into my works and concepts i am working on towards mens fashion wear.

APOCALYPTIC CONSTRUCTION (A murky geometric world)


Inspired by architecture and geometric pattern with an injection of surreal human forms. I find adding a textured ground is were I find my individuality.

Following the same theme, here are more in the same collection.



These designs are intended to act as the backs for a T-shirt collection, with the idea that the T-shirts will be double sided.

Friday, 1 April 2011

basso and brooke

Basso and Brooke
Prints taken from the Autumn/ winter 2011 collection.

Spreo Starling

By The Sea

I love the colour palette used in these prints and the bold block design maximise this.

The Bird And The Wall 2
 I have chosen to use textured wall backgrounds in my new work to create my own illusion of street art, Basso and brooke have used similar textures in their A/W 11 collection.