Thursday, 14 April 2011

Scarve designs

These scarve designs follow the theme of faux real, I have explored dimension and geometric shape to create what i call evolving worlds, taking inspiration from natural and structural forms which are depicted in a abstract style.
I have a strong interest in shape and fusing it together with hand drawn imagery is were i find the balance. Colour is the key component as it draws together the overall feel of the theme, monochrome injected with pastel blues, turquoise, purples and navies. 
Although the final collection is aimed towards a male audience, I feel they appeal to both genders.

PSYCHEDELIC CITY/ colour palette: duck egg blue, grey tones, crimson 
SPUTNIK/ colour palette: monochrome, muted mint green, combination of orange tones, combination of blue tones
OVERLOADED/ colour palette: sky blue, grey tones, blue tones

COLLISION/ colour palette: dusky plum 

LIVING ON THE EDGE/ colour palette: duck egg blue, grey tones, midnight blue


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